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Contact: Miguelina Villatoro de Mérida
Farm Location: La Democracia, Huehuetenango

• My grandfather Valentín Villatoro, a pioneer in growing coffee in Huehuetenango gave the farm to my father Bruno Villatoro in 1940. He worked very hard to be able to have a productive farm as it is now.
• I am the only woman among 7 siblings and my father wanted me to manage the farm
• Since 1998 following my fathers example and assisted by Anacafé I became the manager.

Coffee cultivated under nature forest shade.
• The forest has over 471 native and other adapted varieties.
• Abundant biodiversity

In 2001 El Paternal achieved the 9th place at Cup of Excellence Auction program
•In 2003 First farm in Huehuetenango to implement the water treatment process

• Different companies from the US and Europe are showing interest in our coffee. We sell coffee to Starbucks.
• We sell the largest quantity of coffee to the company that bought our lot at the COE auction